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The Journal of Artificial Intelligence and Information Security is a specialized scientific journal issued by the Egyptian Society for Technological Development. It specializes in publishing research related to the fields of artificial intelligence and information technology, which include many branches and disciplines, including computer science and data, big data, educational robots, learning and communication platforms, and mobile applications. Websites, web programming, and content development, virtual reality, expert systems, information and data security, and protection of files, accounts, and electronic devices from hacking and piracy.

Publishing operations require following the correct procedures, the most important of which is the accuracy of the content and its relevance to the fields of the magazine, taking into account the technical aspects and documentation processes in addition to preserving intellectual property rights in what is transferred or quoted, and all operations can be achieved in their electronic form through the interfaces of the home page, which provides all services and information In addition to contacting the editorial staff to inquire about any issue related to publications.

Current Issue: Volume 2, Issue 4, May 2024, Pages 1-230